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Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Iron Gods is the fifteenth Adventure Path from Paizo Publishing, published starting in August 2014. The campaign is set in the region of Numeria, a land where wild magic and timeworn technology sit uneasily side by side.

The story is wild and full of conflict, with a climax that will significantly alter the future of Golarion. The mood is one of exploration and mystery, danger and intrigue.

Story Background: A Torch extinguished
Character Creation: Guidelines, Restrictions, and Bonuses
Campaign Traits: For characters from Numeria and beyond
Campaign Feats: Special feats of value to Numerian characters
House Rules: Ideas to speed play and facilitate story

Locations: Cities, Dungeons, Ruins
Characters: Allies, enemies, and others
Magic: Unique magic items, spells, weapons, and other oddities.
Tech: Ancient and mysterious devices found only in Numeria
Skymetals: Rare and powerful crafting materials

Main Page

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