Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Session Two

Fires of Creation, Part Two

  • The three adventurers return to the surface to rest and recover before delving deeper. Emileth and Erston both find they have received letters from their family. Fizzle slips away and pickpockets a group of drunken dwarves, walking away with a flask of Numerian fluid, which he thoughtlessly tosses into his backpack (along with the fire beetle he captured earlier).
  • Back at the Foundry Tavern, Val serves the adventures a hearty helping of fried fish and potatoes. They find that the head of the town council, Dolga Freddert, has sent a dwarven monk to assist them. They quickly find themselves getting along well with Valkhanar Oni
  • Shortly thereafter, Garmen Ulreth shows up with an invitation for the adventurers to join him at his casino, Silverdisk Hall. He hands them vouchers worth 100 gp each, for gambling (Emileth obstains, Fizzle loses all his money in a matter of minutes, Erston loses his money with style, and Valkhanar gambles cautiously but ends up losing anyway, discovering the house is pretty well rigged against the players)
  • While at the casino, the adventurers meet Sanvil Trett, a flamboyant merchant who claims to be knowledgeable regarding Numerian artifacts.
  • The next morning, the adventuers waken to find that Fizzle’s captured fire beetle has mutated in a massive beast and is eating Val’s home. Fizzle immediately sets to training the beast.
  • A few hours later, the adventurers make their way back down through the Black Hill caves, passing through the strange metal doors they had previously found there. Beyond the doors is a vast stretch of dark, sandy desert.
  • The adventurers only manage to travel a few paces into the desert before they are attacked by terrifying skeletal creatures from beyond this world! They manage to drive the creatures back, but continue having an odd feeling that something is watching them…
  • After crossing the desert, they find a metal-walled tunnel, an a series of small rooms. In one of the rooms they come across a surprisingly well preserved zombie creature, who badly wounds Emileth before being defeated.
  • A mysterious voice promises to heal Emileth’s wounds in exchange for a small favor, and the warrior reluctantly agrees.
  • Further down the hall, the adventurers find a well-lit, high-ceilinged room that appears to be a lobby or foyer of some sort. But while Fizzle is trying to open a sealed footlocker, the adventurers are interrupted by a scream of pain coming from further inside the dungeon…



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