Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Session Three

Fires of Creation, Part Three

  • The adventurers rush deeper into the structure, following a trail of blood and gore down a hallway. At the end of the hall, they find a small chamber where the blood trail appears to abruptly end. The adventurers are soon attacked by a bloodsucking alien fungus, who attacks their minds with chaotic psionic wrath!
  • Still disoriented from their battle with the cerebric fungus, the adventurers stumble into the next chamber, where they are viciously attacked by a malfunctioning medical robot. Fortunately, the construct is more fragile than it first appeared; the adventurers quickly dispatch it, but find no sign of Khonnir or any surviving expedition members.
  • They continue exploring the corridors, passing through a few abandoned laboratories and a (surprisingly) still functional bathroom. Aside from a brief ambush by a pair of acidic ooze creatures, the adventurers find little. They have the vague sense that something happened here, some disastrous awakening, and that some fragment still remains, watching them.
  • The adventurers eventually find poor Khonnir Baine sealed inside some bizarre medical device, being tortured by a pair of medical drones. He is alive, but nearly catatonic, and in terribly physical condition. The adventurers decide to immediately retreat and return the crippled man to the surface.
  • On their way back through the Black Hill caverns, the adventurers are greeted by Sanvil Trett, who kindly offers healing potions to any wounded party members. Erston gratefully accepts, but quickly spits the liquid back—it’s poison! Sanvil attacks the party by surprise but is quickly subdued and beheaded.
  • Near the exit of the caverns, the adventurers meets with a mysterious halfing and a wild, red-haired human woman. The pair urge the party to hurry, as they have come to help them remove Khonnir safely from the underwater passage out of the caverns. The water level has been magically lowered, a gnarled witch holding the water back long enough for the adventurers to haul Khonnir to the surface. The three women disappear shortly thereafter.
  • Khonnir and his daughter, Val, are reunited. A message is dispatched toJoram Kyte, who quickly arrives and uses his divine magic to partially heal Khonnir’s condition (Joram warns the adventurers his magic is not strong enough to return Khonnir to normal, and a technological solution will be required).
  • Although he is far from fully recovered, Khonnir is able to speak and walk once again. He tells the adventurers about his experiences within the dungeon, and offers some information about his past. He reveals that Val is adopted, but insists that this revelation is kept secret for now.
  • Shortly after Khonnir is sent away to rest, Emileth is briefly possessed. During the possession, Val is informed that she is adopted. The girl is emotionally shattered by the news, and runs away.



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