Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Session Four

Fires of Creation, Part Four

  • Val remains missing.
  • After studying Sanvil’s Journal, the adventurers decide to investigate a warehouse belonging to Garmen Ulreth. Thanks to Fizzle’s pyromaniac tendencies, the party finds their subtle stakeout quickly taking a turn for the worse: battling for their lives as the warehouse burns down around them!
  • Garmen’s Ropefist thugs are dispatched without much trouble, and Garmen himself surrenders shortly thereafter. He reveals that he had been working with the same woman who extinguished Torch’s forge, a purple-haired android named Meyanda. She offered him the legendary sword Eternia if he would agree to hide an odd technological device in his warehouse.
  • Erston chooses to spare Garmen if he agrees to swear loyalty to the Greatman family. Garmen happily agrees (lying) and is permitted to flee into the night. The adventurers inform the people of Torch that Garmen died in the fire.
  • Erston, Emileth, and Valkahnar all work with the people of Torch to keep the warehouse fire from spreading, while Fizzle secretly attempts to help the fire spread. The other adventurers quickly uncover Fizzle’s plotting and drag him back to the Foundry Tavern.
  • Later, with Khonnir, the adventurers study the bulky device they’d recovered from Garmen’s warehouse. They determine it to be a siphon of sorts, drawing power from beneath Torch and sending it somewhere roughly 105 miles to the north. According to Khonnir, the only thing of note within that area is the bandit ‘settlement’ of Scrapwall.



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