Sanvil's Spell Book

Sanvil’s Spell Book

This simple book has been heavily used throughout its years. The cover is frayed and dog-eared, with dozens of recepits, bookmarks, cards, and pieces of scrap paper tucked in between the pages. Much of this detritus is worthless garbage, but there are few interesting tidbits scattered here and there. Sanvil had a treacherous memory, and often had to leave himself small reminders of things to investigate or leads he had found. A few of his notes:

  1. “Garmen? Check Warehouse.”
  2. “Who is Khonnir Baine? Val adopted?”
  3. “Greatman in town looking for sword. Ally?”
  4. “Bandits more organized? Scrapwall.”
  5. “Cult of Zyphus?”
  6. “Dolga w/h family scandal?”

0th level: arcane mark, daze, detect magic, flare, ghost sound, read magic, spark
1st level: corrosive touch, expeditious retreat, grease, silent image, technomancy, vanish
2nd level: alter self, bull’s strength, invisibility, mirror image, protection from technology
3rd level: recharge

Sanvil's Spell Book

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