Character Creation

Character Creation Guidelines

Golden Rule – Create a character that is fun and interesting for you, and play them in a way that helps to enhance and encourage the fun of your fellow players. Remember that your character is part of an ensemble cast, and design them accordingly. Don’t try to create a character that can do everything themselves; do try to create a character that has a good reason to work well with others.

Attributes – Assign the following array to your character’s attributes as you wish: 17, 15, 15, 13, 11, 9

Races – Any race from an official Paizo source is permitted, as are any races from Dreamscarred Press. Most 3rd party races will likely be allowed, please check in with the GM for review. It is worth noting that some races may find Numeria more dangerous than other regions (especially Androids; see the Iron Gods Player’s Guide for more details).

Classes – Any class or archetype from an official Paizo source is permitted, as are the psionic classes from Dreamscarred Press (see d20pfsrd for details). 3rd party classes are discouraged.

Gunslingers are certainly permitted, although players should be aware they will have a tough time until about 4th level, and ammunition will be likely be scarce for another four levels after that. Gunslingers will have to use their resources carefully.

Summoners, Druids, Hunters and other ‘companion’ classes are welcome, but I would request that players be mindful about their use of time at the table. If it takes too long to manage multiple actions from the character, their companion, and any associated summoned creatures or hirelings, we may have to break up their actions across the round so that other players aren’t left waiting too long.

Traits – Characters may start with two traits, and may choose a third trait if they also take a drawback. Characters may also chose one Campaign Traits for free, but this is optional and not required.

Hit Points – Starting hit points max at first level, then one-half max each level thereafter.

Starting gold and Equipment – All characters receive one half of the maximum starting gold for their class. Characters with ranks in Craft skills may use their starting funds to purchase related items at half normal cost (for example, a character with “Craft: Weaponsmithing” may use their starting gold to purchase a rapier for 10 gold pieces rather than 10).

Increasing Starting Gold – Creating an interesting background that ties your character to one of the other PCs is worth a reward. For one connected background, you can increase your character’s starting gold to 3/4 of their possible maximum starting amount. With two connected backgrounds, you may increase your character’s starting gold to its maximum amount.

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