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  • Shops and Merchants in Torch

    *General Store*: Few unique items can be found at the General Store, which is mainly focused on those day-to-day goods needed by the bulk of the townspeople (food, tools, clothing, etc). But the store's owner, Inkrit Kollisun (N female human commoner 3) …

  • Val Baine

    Val is just shy of thirteen years old, and filled with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of youthful energy. She is friendly, helpful, and bright, though her curiosity and disdain for authority often land her in trouble. She is deeply devoted to her …

  • Sanvil Trett

    He's half the man he used to be. Mid-Boss Deathblow By: Emileth Method: Left half parted ways with right half while mortally-wounded Last Words: "Oh, dear. I don't think this was a very good idea."

  • Efarion "Scorch" Tusslefoot

    The notorious [[:fizzle | Fizzle]] had always dreamed of owning servants. So after a series of lucky adventures left him moderately wealthy, he leapt at the chance to hire a young human urchin to be his servant. Of course, since goblins are notoriously …