Sanvil Trett

Flamboyant Technology specialist and black market dealer


Sanvil is a wandering merchant, courier, and tinker—a collector of rare relics and mysterious ores, which most believe he resells on the black market. He is known throughout central and southern Numeria as a fence who deals in technological items—and a lucky one, at that, to have avoided the attentions of the Technic League for so long.

He makes frequent stops in Torch, and has been known to refer to the town as “as close to a home as I’ll ever likely have”. He is droll and sarcastic, but somehow charming, nevertheless.


He’s half the man he used to be.
Mid-Boss Deathblow By: Emileth
Method: Left half parted ways with right half while mortally-wounded

Last Words: “Oh, dear. I don’t think this was a very good idea.”

Sanvil Trett

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