Devoted android cleric; Hellion's favored priestess


As with many of Numeria’s androids, Meyanda was born as salvage. A group of ratfolk scavengers found several androids in stasis pods in an android foundry in eastern Numeria, but the process of “extracting” the dormant androids not only destroyed Meyanda’s kin but triggered the foundry’s self-destruct sequence. Meyanda awoke from stasis minutes after the detonation, into a world of fire and rubble she knew little about. With no memories of her past, Meyanda swiftly discovered a knack for surviving in the hostile environment she found herself in. Armed only with a strange weapon she salvaged from the ruins around her, she wandered south, soon coming upon a different sort of chaos than that of her “birth”—the junkyard fortress of Scrapwall.

Meyanda fit in well with the thugs and bandits of Scrapwall, although she’s still unsure if that’s due to an intrinsic personality that welcomes and seeks that lifestyle, or if she merely adapted to the first semblance of society she stumbled upon. What she does know is that Hellion speaks to her on a deeper level than mere communication would allow. She converted to his teachings and fell in with his cultists, the Lords of Rust, soon after her arrival in Scrapwall, and it wasn’t long before Hellion had fully indoctrinated her. Since then, Meyanda has become its most powerful priest, rivaled only by the orc barbarian Kulgara.

Meyanda kept her interaction with the citizens of Torch to a minimum when she and her followers arrived. Her primary point of contact in the town was the scoundrel Garmen Ulreth, a man whose reputation as a possible ally had extended well beyond Torch’s walls. He proved the truth of those rumors when he accepted Meyanda’s bribe of a stolen magic greatsword, and she spent the first several days in town hiding out inthe warehouse he loaned her before her followers located the way into the caves below town. Since then, Meyanda and the bulk of her cultists have dwelt deep in the Engineering deck of the habitat module below Torch, where they’ve spent the days in meditation, training, and study.

While Meyanda values her ratfolk, orc, and human followers, she reserves her greatest affinity for machines. More than even most androids, she feels a greater kinship with robots and constructs than with any being of flesh and blood. She finds greater comfort in the predictability of a machine’s thoughts, and trusts the emotions of the flesh only to be counted on as a weakness she can exploit. She looks forward to the day Hellion has promised her—a day when machines rule and the scourge of flesh has been wiped from this world.



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