Keldroth Hellsblade

Knight Commander of the Black Thorn Knights


(LN middle-aged Chelaxian half-orc Strategist Cavalier 5/Hellknight 3)

Keldroth has led the Black Thorn Knights for a little over twelve years. When he first took the position as Knight Commander, the order had significantly declined from its previous strength. Years of poor leadership had left the order weakened, and had cost many knights their lives in ill-planned battle.

He closed down many of the order’s chapterhouses and re-located their headquarters to a crumbling fortress in northeastern Brevoy. He immediately set his men to making frequent forays across the border into Numeria, skirmishing with Kellid tribes and orcish raiders.

The order’s reputation grew quickly. He began to recruit heavily, focusing on initiating those unfortunate souls who had been the survivors of disasters such as fires, bandit attacks, storms, and plagues. He even personally adopted one such survivor, Emileth, who eagerly joined the order when she came of age.

Today, the Black Thorn is stronger than ever. Keldroth is proud of what he has acomplished, but claims he has greater plans for the future…


Keldroth Hellsblade

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