Garmen Ulreth

Thug, criminal, and foul-mouthed gambler


(N male human brawler 5)

Garmen Ulreth is one of Torch’s more despicable inhabitants, but he hides his true depravity and cruelty well. A charming profiteer, Garmen has managed to become one of the more influential people in Torch—an impressive achievement, given the fact that he is neither a councilor nor a legitimate merchant. Indeed, Garmen’s considerable pull in town stems from the fact that a number of Torch’s citizens owe him money in either small or large amounts. For several years now, Garmen has been associated with what passes for Torch’s thieves guild—a gang of thugs and roughs called the Ropefists—employing several of the gang members as bouncers and guards at his gaming hall. The Ropefists invest most of their energy into loan sharking, with Garmen guiding their efforts and extracting ‘favors’ whenever a some sad debtor finds themselves unable to pay.

Garmen recently vanished (and is presumed dead) after one of his warehouses burned down.


Garmen Ulreth

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