Emmaline Greatman

Sly and clever young noblewoman, sister to Erston


(N Human Aristocrat 2/Bard (Negotiator) 2)


Emmaline, the youngest child of Gaius and Belende, grew up in a household full of strong, nearly overbearing characters. Her father, highly arrogant and pretentious. Her mother, vicious and controlling. Her older brother, Erston, overprotective and overconfident. And her younger brother, Gabriel, flamboyant and reckless.

In the midst of all these forceful dispositions, Emmaline learned to become something of a persona chameleon, learning to adapt and adjust to the storms of personality that raged through the Greatman household. As a result, she has become a master of social skills, cunning and manipulative.

At the moment, Emmaline wants nothing more than to enjoy the life of luxury and opulence afforded to her as a child of nobility and wealth, avoiding responsibility as much as possible. But she is slowly growing curious about the true source of her family’s wealth, and the history behind their ‘great’ deeds. Only time will tell where this curiosity will lead her…

“You’d better not mess with my sister if you don’t want my blade in your %&*!#.”
- Erston Greatman

Emmaline Greatman

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