Efarion "Scorch" Tusslefoot

Fizzle's 'devoted' servant; less respected than he deserves


(N middle-aged Halfling Expert 2)


The notorious Fizzle had always dreamed of owning servants. So after a series of lucky adventures left him moderately wealthy, he leapt at the chance to hire a young human urchin to be his servant. Of course, since goblins are notoriously bad at telling various races apart (“All you pink bosses look same to me,” says Fizzle), the ‘boy’ he hired ended up being a 30 year old halfling man.

Fizzle insisted that his servant answer to ‘Scorch’, and promptly set about abusing his power over this hireling in any unreasonable way he could think of. It’s a completely mystery why Scorch hasn’t tried to escape from his master; if nothing else, he’s actually rather skilled at service, and would make an excellent butler for someone capable of recognizing his value.

Efarion "Scorch" Tusslefoot

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