Dolgrim Freddert

Grimly Determined Master of Martial Arts


(LN Male Dwarven Monk (Sensei) 14)

Dolgrim (Dolga’s older brother) is a wise but stern monastic teacher who has spent nearly all of his three hundred and fifty years learning and mastering an ancient form of Dwarven martial arts.

According to lore, one of Torag’s divine servants came to this world bearing the art of ‘fighting without weapons, working without tools’. This servant was Kolkkharr, the Adamantine Wyrm, and those who followed his teachings formed a splinter sect that called themselves the Adamantine Fists. The Fists believe in total reliance on themselves, and feel that using tools or weapons is a sign of weakness. They especially detest the idea of intelligent tools (such as robots or constructs), and one of their oft-quoted doctrines is ‘No Tool Shall Be My Master’.

Dolgrim has been the high Monk of the Adamantine Fist order for more than two centuries, and has become stubborn and uncompromising during that time. His followers find him to be a harsh teacher, but an excellent one.


Dolgrim Freddert

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