Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Session One

Fires of Creation, Part One

  • Erston meets Fizzle and Emileth at Maust’s Boarding House, and the three decide to go take a look at the construct that Khonnir Baine dredged up from Weeping Lake a few days before his disappearance.
  • The three adventurers arrive at Khonnir’s Foundry just in time to rescue Val Baine from a rampaging robot.
  • Dolga Freddert meets the adventurers at the town hall and fills them in on the reward for re-lighting the Torch and rescuing Khonnir Baine.
  • At the town hall, the adventurers see a striking red-haired woman with bright green eyes (and flecks of gold within her left eye). Although the woman says little, Dolga introduces her as a member of another adventuring party interested in exploring beneath Black Hill.
  • The adventurers meet with Joram Kyte, a priest of Brigh, and obtain his assistance. He agrees to cast a spell of water breathing to help them make their way under and through Weeping Lake.
  • Just before entering Weeping Lake, the adventurers catch a glimpse of an unusual-looking halfling spying on them from atop the ridge. She slips away before they can get a good look at her.
  • The adventurers enter the caves, immediately encountering a fierce group of fire beetles. Fizzle captures one and stuffs it into his back pack.
  • Deeper in the caves, the adventurers parley with a group of Skulks, stranded near the surface after coming up from the Darklands. The Skulks agree to help the adventurers in return for their help driving off a vicious band of gremlins.
  • After the gremlins are dealt with, the adventurers enter a strange metallic ruin at the back of the caves and are attacked by another damage robot. At this point, they decide to return to the surface and rest before exploring further.



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