Iron Gods, Steel Faith

Session Five

Fires of Creation, Part Five

  • After a night’s good rest, the adventurers plan to return to the dungeon beneath Black Hill. But as they re-cross the desert habitat, they are confronted by the same alien skeletons and well-preserved zombie they had fought previously. During the battle, Valkahanar Oni falls to the zombie’s vicious attacks, and the other adventurers are significantly wounded. Fizzle digs a bonfire pit, burning the undead remains down to ash.
  • The adventurers return to Khonnir’s Foundry to recover and lay their ally to rest. While there, they are approached by Grosh Kogan, a cleric of Brigh who has come from Scrapwall to track down Fizzle. After hearing about the troubles facing Torch, Grosh agrees to join the adventurers in their exploration of the dungeon.
  • Back at the desert habitat, Grosh suggests the adventurers explore down a short hall they had passed over before. They find a device that reactivates the lighting in the habit area. A realistic image of a rising sun appears on the vast dome above the sands. Feeling the light of their sun once again, the poor undead are given peace at last.
  • The adventurers climb up into the elevator shaft they had previously discovered. They awaken a small pack of vicious dog-like creatures, but quickly kill the whole group before the noise draws any attention.
  • Travelling deeper, they confront a group of self-mutilated goblins, one of whom appears to recognize Fizzle. Thanks to a flash grenade, the goblins are blinded and dispatched within a matter of seconds.
  • The nearby rooms are empty, although they show recent signs of use. Sneaking a bit further, Fizzle discovers that a large number of orcs are gathered together and listening to a sermon being delivered by a purple-haired woman. The adventurers immediately take up stealthy positions for an ambush, planning to lure the orcs out and set off a cluster of grenades.
  • Fizzle pretends to be one of the goblin gang members and begins shouting loudly, trying to draw the congregation’s attention. Meyanda dispatches her mute gargoyle companion to investigate. Fizzle leads him deeper back into the structure, where the other adventurers have set up an ambush. He is quickly decapitated.
  • Emboldened by the success of his bluff, Fizzle attempts to lure the entire group out by loudly proclaiming himself to be the god Hellion in the flesh. After the orcs refuse to take him seriously (one orc is lured out and ambushed), Fizzle tosses a bundle of grenades into the room, knocking all the orcs unconcious.
  • A fierce battle rages between Meyanda, her robotic ally, and the adventurers. Eventually, Fizzle defeats Meyanda by rolling a fire bomb at her while excitedly whispering, “I’m Hellion!
  • Val remains missing; Khonnir has begun to worry.



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