Iron Gods, Steel Faith


Timeline of Events:

  • 27th of Lamashan: (Mid Autumn) Emileth arrives in Torch, meets Khonnir Baine and his daughter Val
  • 5th of Neth: Bandit activity around Torch begins to increase significantly
  • 17th of Neth: Gaius Greatman declares that the sword Eternia will be reforged, and sends a caravan of blacksmiths to Torch to do so.
  • 18th of Neth: The bonfire atop Black Hill goes out. Khonnir Baine discovers tracks leading into Weeping Lake. The sword Eternia is stolen by bandits, and the Greatman caravan is ransacked.
  • 19th of Neth: Three drunken halfling barbarians mount an ‘expedition’ into the Black Hill caves and are never seen again. Gaius Greatman declares that whoever recovers Eternia will become the new head of the Greatman family, and his sons, Erston and Gabriel, immediately set out on their own quests to recover it.
  • 20th of Neth: A band of local thugs form a second expedition into the caves, mainly hoping to get rich quick. They do not return.
  • 21st of Neth: Khonnir Baine leads a small group of townsfolk into the caves and returns several hours later with a deactivated repair drone. Erston is attacked by bandits just outside of Torch but manages to escape with his life. Making his way to Torch, he meets Emileth, and the two agree to hunt the bandits down.
  • 22nd of Neth: An out of town adventuring group devoted to the worship of Brigh enters the caves beneath Black Hill against Khonnir’s wishes. They do not return. Erston and Emileth run into difficulty driving off the bandits camped near Torch, but a goblin bandit named Fizzle betrays his former allies and helps turn the tide of battle.
  • 23rd of Neth: Dolga Freddert, worried about the robot Khonnir uncovered from beneath Torch, sends a message to her brother asking for help. Dolgrim Freddert agrees to send a young monk to help investigate.
  • 24th of Neth: Khonnir Baine leads a second, smaller expedition into the caves. They do not return.
  • 25th of Neth: Valkhanar Oni arrives in Torch.
  • 26th of Neth: Emileth, Erston, and Fizzle enter the Black Hill caverns for the first time.



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